Bovine Pericardial Patch


GoodHealth21 offers the Bovine Pericardial Patch made from bovine pericardium tissue. This patch is used in cardiovascular and surgical procedures due to its strength and compatibility with human tissue. It aids in natural healing and tissue integration, ensuring dependable performance for medical needs.

– Thickness: 0.41 to 0.75mm
– Size Options: 2x9mm, 2.5x15mm, 4x4mm, 4x6mm, 6x8mm, 6x10mm, 7x10mm.
– Sterilization: elixP-Fix treatment
– Compliance: Meets Regulatory Standards

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Bovine Pericardial Tissue Patch

The Bovine Pericardial Tissue Patch is crafted from bovine pericardium tissue, making it suitable for various medical applications. Known for its strength and compatibility with human tissue, this patch is often used in cardiovascular and surgical procedures. Its design supports natural healing and seamless integration, providing a reliable option for medical professionals.


Thickness: 0.41 to 0.75mm

Size Options: 2x9mm, 2.5x15mm, 4x4mm, 4x6mm, 6x8mm, 6x10mm, 7x10mm.

Sterilization: elixP-Fix treatment

Compliance: Meets Regulatory Standards

Key Features:

Bovine pericardium — provides enhanced handling and saturability compared to synthetic patches

Properties that allow conformity to challenging anatomy

Wide range — accommodates various anatomic challenges and is easily tailored to any desired configuration

Tissue thickness ranges from 0.41mm to 0.75mm — each pericardial sheet is measured multi times for consistent and uniform thickness properties

Anticalcification technology —proprietary ‘elixP-Fix*’ treatment reduces potential sites for calcification initiation

Durable and Flexible Bovine Pericardial Material

Enhanced Biocompatibility for Reduced Rejection Risk

Ideal for Various Cardiac & surgical Repairs

Easy Handling and Surgical Application


Superior biocompatibility improves endothelialization and provides dependable handling characteristics

Convenience — appropriate for wide range of reconstruction or repair

Exceptional tensile and suture retention strength

Tissue fixation — increased tissue stability and reduced antigenicity

Ready to use with minimal rinsing

Derived from bovine pericardium, the patch harnesses the natural healing properties of this tissue, promoting effective integration with the patient’s own tissues

The use of bovine pericardial material enhances biocompatibility, significantly reducing the risk of rejection. This is particularly crucial for patients undergoing cardiac procedures, ensuring a smoother recovery process.

Vascular Procedures

– Inferior vena cava

– Carotid arteries repair & reconstruction

– Aneurysmal blood vessel repair

– Bioprosthetic graft or graft infections treatment

Other Soft Tissue Reconstruction Procedures

– Trachea repair

– Staple or suture line reinforcement

– Peyronie’s repair

– Enterocutaneous fistula

– Parastomal reinforcement

– Rectovaginal fistula

– Urethroplasty

How It Works:

Clean and sterilize the patch and surgical area.

Gently place the patch over the defect and secure it with sutures or adhesive.

Use standard techniques for a tight and secure closure around the patch edges.

Inspect the patch for full coverage and secure attachment.

5.Postoperative Care:
Provide clear instructions for monitoring, medications, and follow-up.

Schedule appointments to assess healing progress.

Maintain detailed records of the surgery.


What is a Bovine Pericardial Patch Tisse?

A Bovine Pericardial Patch is a medical device made from bovine pericardium, commonly used in cardiac surgeries for repairing and reconstructing cardiac tissue.

How is the Bovine Pericardial Patch priced?
For information on pricing, please contact our sales team or visit our official website. Pricing may vary based on size, quantity, and any ongoing promotions.
Is the Bovine Pericardial Patch available in different sizes?
Yes, the patch is available in various sizes to accommodate different surgical needs. Refer to our product specifications or consult with our team to choose the right size.
How is the Bovine Pericardial Patch sterilized?
The patches undergo sterilization through gamma irradiation, ensuring they meet the necessary regulatory standards for safe surgical use.
Can the Bovine Pericardial Patch be used in minimally invasive procedures?
The patch is designed for surgical application and is suitable for various cardiac procedures, including minimally invasive approaches. Consult with your surgical team for specific guidance.
Are there any contraindications or precautions associated with the Bovine Pericardial Patch?
Consult with your healthcare provider for information on contraindications and precautions based on individual patient health conditions.
How can healthcare professionals collaborate with your team for more information?
Healthcare professionals can reach out to our dedicated support team for collaboration, additional information, and any inquiries related to the Bovine Pericardial Patch.


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