Biocalculus Holter Monitor Device /ELR Device


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HeartRec® Eco contains recorder & analysis software. Recorder is an easy-to-use unit, which collects 12-lead ECG waveform synchronously and records continuously for 48 hours.

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Biocalculus Holter Monitor Device /ELR Device

Monitor Your Heart Anywhere, Anytime with Our Advanced ELR and Holter Monitor Device. The Biocalculus and its mobile application are intended to continuously measure, record and periodically transmit physiological data. The system is indicated for those patients who require monitoring for the detection of non- lethal cardiac arrhythmias. Device will monitor, derive and display on Smartphone application parameters which Biocalculus monitors.





Performance Characteristics

ECG Channel – Single Channel
Input Dynamic Range -10mV Peak-to-Peak
On board Memory – 4Days
Memory Type- NAND
Recording Format – Continuous
Shelf Life – Estimated 1 years

Circuitry Characteristics

Frequency Response – 0.5Hz to 40 Hz
CMRR – 768
Input Impedance – >100 MOhm
Differential Range – +-5mV
A/D Sampling Rate – 256 Samples/second
Resolution – 16 bit
DC Offset Correction – +/-300 mV

Power Requirements

Battery Type -Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer
Battery life -Continuous usage up to 4 days
Battery Capacity – 300 mAh
Battery Voltage -3.7 Volts
Battery Charger -100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 5W

Physical Characteristics

Dimension – 84x 28×10 MM.
Weight – 20gm induding batteries
Compatibility : Android operating systems.

Environmental Specifications

Operational Temperature – 0°Cto +70°C.
Operational Humidity – 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature – 0 to +70 degrees C
Storage Humidity – 10% to 95% (non-condensing)

Key Features:

24-hour continuous heart monitoring.
Wireless functionality for increased convenience.
ELR technology for enhanced accuracy.
Suitable for home use.
Available in various monitoring durations (7-day option included).


Gain valuable insights into your heart health with continuous monitoring.
No restrictions – our wireless holter monitor lets you live your life while keeping track of your heart.
ELR technology ensures precise data for more informed decisions.
Affordable holter monitor cost for effective at-home heart monitoring.

How To Use Biocalculus Holter monitor Device

Using for the first time

To use Biocalculus for the first time, follow these steps:
Download the App: Go to the Google Play Store on your smartphone and search for “Biocalculus.” Alternatively, you can use the provided link ( to directly access the app.
Open the Biocalculus App: Once the apps installed ,open it on your smartphone.
Accept Permissions: When prompted, grant all the necessary permissions to ensure the proper functioning of the application.
Enable Bluetooth: To enable Bluetooth for Biocalculus, go to your smartphone’s Settings menu, enable Bluetooth, and grant permission within the app if prompted.
Enable GPS/Location Access: To enable GPS/Location access for Biocalculus, navigate to you smartphone’s settings menu or grant permission within the app if prompted, as it is required for Bluetooth communication on Android devices running Marshmallow or above version.


Sign Up: To use the Biocalculus app, you need to create a new user login by registering as a doctor or clinician. Click on the Sign Up icon within the app.
Complete Registration: To complete the registration process for Biocalculus, follow the guided series of pages within the app, providing accurate information and filling out all the required details as instructed.
Read Terms & Conditions: Before registering, carefully read through the TERMS & CONDITIONS mentioned on the Sign Up page. It is important to understand and agree to the terms before proceeding.


After completing the registration process, log in to the Biocalculus app using your registered email address/phone number and password. This will direct you to the app’s home page

Add Patient

After logging in, you will be directed to the Patient List page. To add a new patient, simply click on the “Add Patient” icon. Enter the required details or the patient, ensuing that the mobile number or phone number provided is unique. Once all the necessary information is provided patient registration is completed.

Placement Of Device

To ensure maximum accuracy and comfort while wearing device follow these Positioning instructions:
Place the device on your chest.
Orient the device with the USB facing downward.
Position the device at an angle of 120 to 35 degrees in the anti-clockwise direction.
Specifically, place device on the upper left quadrant of the chest, just below the clavicle or collarbone. Device positions is showing the figure.


To use Biocalculus, place the device on your chest, open the app on your smart phone, and select the patient page. The app will automatically redirect you to the home page, where you can view your ECG in real-time once the device is detected and connected.

Wearing On Chest

Shave the hair in the intended location as shown in section Placement of device
ABRADE skin, by using abrasion pad.
Use Alcohol swab to clean the skin where the device is intended to be applied. Allow the skin to dry.
Fix the disposable gel pad into the device.
Remove the covers from the underside of the gel pad
Place the device in a diagonal position
Electrode must be in direct contact with the skin.

How It Works

Holter Monitor Device

A Holter monitor is a portable device used for monitoring the electrical activity of the heart over an extended period, typically 24 to 48 hours. Here’s how it works:
Electrode Placement: Small, adhesive electrodes are attached to the patient’s chest.
Recording Device: The electrodes are connected to a small, portable recording device, which the patient carries. This device records the continuous electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) of the heart’s electrical activity.
Monitoring Period: The patient wears the Holter monitor throughout their daily activities, allowing for the detection of irregular heart rhythms or other cardiac issues that may not be evident during a short-term ECG.
Data Analysis: After the monitoring period, the recorded data is analyzed by healthcare professionals to identify any abnormalities in the heart’s rhythm.

ECG (Electrocardiogram) or EKG (Electrocardiograph):

An ECG or EKG is a test that records the electrical activity of the heart over a short period. It’s often used to diagnose heart problems. Here’s a brief overview of how it works:
Electrode Placement: Electrodes are attached to specific points on the body, usually on the chest, arms, and legs.
Signal Recording: The electrodes are connected to an ECG machine, which records the electrical impulses as a series of waves on a strip of paper or as a digital display.
Interpretation: Healthcare professionals analyze the ECG recording to evaluate the heart’s rhythm, identify any abnormalities, and diagnose conditions such as arrhythmias, heart attacks, or other cardiac issues.


What is the holter monitor price, and are there any additional costs?
The holter monitor is priced competitively, and there are no hidden costs. Visit our website to explore the latest pricing details and discover any active promotions or special offers currently available.
How long can I wear the 24-hour heart monitor continuously?
The holter monitor is designed for 24-hour continuous use, providing a comprehensive snapshot of your heart activity throughout the day.
Is the 24-hour holter monitor suitable for extended monitoring periods?
Absolutely. In addition to the standard 24-hour option, our device offers extended monitoring, including a 7-day heart monitor option for more in-depth analysis.
Can I purchase a holter monitor for sale, and how often do you have promotions?
Yes, we occasionally offer promotions and sales on 24 hour heart monitor. Keep an eye on our website for the latest discounts on our holter monitors.
Is the holter/ELR device suitable for home use, and how easy is it to set up?
Yes, our device is designed for convenient home use. Setting it up is a straightforward process, and we provide step-by-step instructions for your convenience.
Does the 24-hour ECG monitor provide accurate and reliable data?
Absolutely. Our holter monitor utilizes advanced ECG technology, ensuring accurate and reliable data for a comprehensive understanding of your heart’s activity.
What sets your holter monitor apart from others on the market?
Our holter/ELR device stands out with its wireless functionality, ELR technology for enhanced accuracy, and competitive pricing.
How can I retrieve and interpret the data recorded by the holter monitor?
Retrieving and interpreting data is user-friendly. We provide a detailed guide to assist you in understanding your heart health insights.
Is customer support available, and what is the warranty period for the holter monitor?
Yes, our customer support team is ready to assist you. The holter monitor comes with a [insert warranty period] warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.
Can I use the holter monitor with other health monitoring devices at home?
Our holter monitor is designed to complement your health monitoring routine. It works seamlessly with other compatible devices for a holistic approach to your well-being.

The Biocalculus Holter Monitor Device is a cutting-edge, portable device used to monitor heart activity continuously for an extended period. It records the heart's electrical activity, helping to diagnose irregular heart rhythms and other cardiac conditions. Lightweight and user-friendly, this device provides accurate data for effective heart health management.


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